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INFINITY L.E. UNIFORMS & TACTICAL GEAR is located in Prescott Arizona, off the Hwy 69 and Gateway Blvd , inside the Gateway Mall (#240).

Public is welcome but there are Restricted items for Current Law Enforcement Only.

Stay Safe!

What our customers are saying


Finally a local uniform store with good service. Owners are awesome and with a retired cop running the show you get service from someone who actually understands your needs


Great business. Very knowledgable and willing to work with customers to fit their needs. Super friendly staff as well. Easily my favorite uniform store


Great place, and a great owner! It absolutely beats the uniform shops in The Valley by far! He has everything my agency needs in stock, and if he doesn't he'll be sure to get it quickly. His prices are more than fair to boot!


Absolutely, hands down the best service. If you ever need anything at anytime Mike and Melek are the people that will have your back. I won't go anywhere else for any of my uniform needs. Plus, I love going in there just to talk to Mike and hear his stories. Thank you Mike for everything you do for us. We wouldn't be able to do this without your help


Fantastic place for all LEOs. Mike is a stand up guy and always has what you need from uniforms to cuff keys! I won’t be doing business with any other uniform shop


An awesome store with awesome owners! The low prices and customer service at Infinity are unparalleled.


Mike has a great idea and good execution. The fact that he knows what cops need and will open after hours to replace an item you broke or lost at work is above the bar.


Great store, great prices, and great staff. The owner is an experienced LEO with real world experience. He understands the real needs of officers on the street and will make sure you get the gear and support you need

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Previously located in Mayer, Az, Infinity Uniforms has moved to the Gateway Mall in Prescott.

Infinity Uniforms provides uniforms and gear to first responders and civilians as well.

Products are well priced, he has tailors and embroiderers there to take care of any specially needs and even if a product is not in stock, he can generally get it ordered.

Staff is always friendly and you will be well taken care of here.

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